About Us

We're a family run small business based around the idea of having a "small local store" easily accessible online.

I'd love to share a picture of the family, but we prefer to retain some privacy especially with a small child.  If you want to connect with us, just send a message to our support desk since we personally answer every message, email, and phone call.

Most afternoons, you can find us working together to pack up your orders so that they can be shipped out quickly.  

After having spent many years traveling, coaching, and teaching in the personal development, motivation, and self-empowerment field, Heidi & I wanted to keep helping others through our motivational and inspirational designs.

We love our little "store" and care deeply about providing a pleasant buying experience for our customers.  You can be confident in your orders from us, just look at the crazy amount of 5-star reviews we have from our happy customers.

We promise that you'll love everything you buy, and you'll be an important part of our family for years to come.