The Grounding Power of Jasper Stones

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The Grounding Power of Jasper Stones

We are all looking to stay calm. We want to spark our creativity, nurture our internal voice, and brim with self-confidence. 

Crystals and stones are powerful tools to produce calmness and creativity. Jasper stones are among the most powerful stones, with a long history of use. Civilizations and religious traditions the world over have used Jasper stones to improve health and well-being. 

You can incorporate Jasper stones into your life in many ways. Here is a guide to the grounding effects of Jasper stones. 

The Long History of Jasper 

Jasper stones have been in use since antiquity. Jasper is a chalcedony, a form of silica produced by internal processes within the Earth. As such, Jasper appears all over the world.

Nearly every major civilization has used it for spiritual and practical purposes.  The Egyptians buried Jasper with their dead to ease their passage into the afterlife. Egyptian royals used Jasper stones to protect themselves from evil. The Chinese used Jasper stones in feng shui to bolster their chi. 

Indigenous tribes in the Americas used Jasper crystals as dowsing tools. Indigenous communities called Jasper the "rain bringer" and used it to connect to the world. 

Jasper was also used in Jewish and Christian circles. The breastplate of the Jewish High Priest bore a small Jasper stone, and the apostle Peter derived his name from the word, "Jasper." 

Jasper today remains a ubiquitous part of spiritual and secular practices. Jewelers incorporate Jasper into necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, while blacksmiths use Jasper for tools and weapons. 

The Variety of Jasper Stone Colors 

Part of Jasper's flexibility as a stone comes from its variety of colors. While at its core Jasper remains a grounding tool, each color of Jasper has its own properties. 

Black Jasper, also known as basanite, is a rare but incredibly powerful stone. It empowers the body and mind alike, facilitating psychic powers and prophetic dreams. Its protective properties shield you from threats as you meditate.

Blue Jasper bolsters courage and compassion, emboldening you to speak out against your opponents and stand up for your loved ones. Blue Jasper is especially helpful for young people, prompting them away from risky behaviors. 

Brown Jasper is the most grounding color of Jasper. It facilitates environmental and ecological awareness, initiates stability of mind, and dissolves fear and anger. In meditation settings, especially outdoor ones, Brown Jasper can help grant access to past lives. 

Green Jasper calms the mind. You can also use Green Jasper as a sleeping aid to ease nightmares, and it calms obsessive thoughts and behaviors. 

Red Jasper strengthens the body. It provides a steady stream of energy into the body, increasing chi and enhancing stamina. You also use Red Jasper for dream recall and in outdoor meditation settings, as it helps connect the self to sacred sites and Earth spirits. 

Yellow Jasper shields against negativity. When worn for long periods of time, it provides a consistent stream of energy that improves self-confidence and learning abilities. In outdoor mediation settings, Yellow Jasper transmits energy, allowing you and others to receive healing and empowering energies. 

There are other types of Jasper that combine colors and combine properties of multiple colors of Jasper. Kambala Jasper contains swirls of black and green in it, thereby combining the properties of both. 

The Uses of Jasper Stones 

Regardless of the color you choose, Jasper is first and foremost a grounding stone. As an elemental Earth stone, Jasper allows individuals to absorb energies from the Earth. You match your physical and mental state with the enduring planet beneath your feet.

Meditating while wearing Jasper stones can release your Anahata and Muladhara shakras, which, when open, bolster your foresight and lodge you in the present moment. Chant the Tibetan Buddhist mantra, "Om Mani Padme Hum," to bolster the grounding properties unleashed from your open chakras. 

Jasper can also be used as a healing stone. Apply stones to spots of inflammation, bruising, or damage on your body daily. Drink Jasper in an elixir to assist with digestion and blood circulation issues. 

Jasper is associated with chamomile, patchouli, and lotus oils, which are used to purify and protect the body. Rub Jasper stones on the ground or floor of your meditation space, and daub the space with the essential oil of your choice. 

Due to its grounding properties, Jasper can facilitate smoking and drinking cessation. Wear Jasper stones to remove toxins from the body and control emotional triggers that can produce addiction. 

Jasper is associated with the Zodiac signs of Pisces (February 19 to March 20) and Capricorn (December 21 - January 19), so Jasper is especially helpful for individuals born under those signs. In addition to being associated with the Earth, Jasper is associated with the planet Saturn. Performing meditation with Jasper while Saturn is visible may prove very beneficial. 

You can combine Jasper with other stones to draw out their qualities. When combined with garnet or topaz, Jasper serves as an aphrodisiac and regenerator of fertility. When combined with citrine, which activates the imagination, Jasper can resolve writers' block.

Place Jasper in a healing grid or an altar to combine their effects. Read, write, and meditate with them nearby. 

Inform Your Personal Journey

Stones and crystals are incredible tools to ground, heal, and bolster oneself. Jasper stones are especially important tools for their grounding abilities. But there are other stones of similar power that can improve your personal journey.

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