The Essential Guide to Spiritual Stones for Protection

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The Essential Guide to Spiritual Stones for Protection

As a rich part of world history and culture, crystals and healing stones are both beautiful and powerful. Dating back to at least 6,000 years ago, Sumerians and Ancient Egyptians used crystals and stones to ward off illness and negativity. 

Today, spiritual stones for protection are a popular collectible for many. Because these stones come in a wide variety of colors and finishes, some enjoy displaying them around for decoration. Others connect with the stones' deeper meanings for guidance, healing, and protection. 

Before you choose your stones, it's important to know the power they may hold. Here are some important things you should know about spiritual stones. 

Background on Spiritual Stones for Protection

As spiritual crystals and stones have been around for centuries, their history and meanings are vast. The way we view spiritual stones for protection today is due in part to traditional Asian cultures and their view on life, the body, and the mind. 

It is of the Hindu and Buddhist belief that chakras, or concentrated energy points in the body, connect the physical to the metaphysical. Many believe that chakras take on the responsibility of using energy to keep us going in our everyday lives. 

Many believe that varying stones connect with the seven body chakras to keep the mind and body aligned. 

Today, you can find healing stones in most metaphysical shops around the world. When choosing your crystal stones for protection, be sure to choose one that you connect with. Determine your connection by learning about the stone's historical background and deeper meaning. 

Are you in need of protection, healing, or energy cleansing? If your eyes and mind keep wandering to a specific crystal, it may be the one for you. While crystal stone experts may be able to help you choose, ultimately the decision is yours to make. 

Let's look at some of the stones you may encounter. 


One of the most ancient stones in history, jasper is popular for its intense, varying colors. Derived from quartz, chalcedony, and other mineral phases, jasper is often spotted with colors of red, green, brown, and deep orange. 

This multi-colored jasper leather wrap bracelet depicts how many colors and variances of jasper there are. With this unique, one-of-a-kind piece, you can wear the powers of jasper on your wrist for any occasion.

Jasper is a powerful grounding and stabilizing stone that can protect you from creative slumps. It is also known as the "supreme nurturer," meaning it can sustain your mind during times of stress and fatigue. If you're in need of a balancing, clearing stone, consider trying a beautiful jasper. 


Another popular healing and protection stone, onyx is a variety of agate with layers of unique colors. Black onyx, the most common form of onyx, can connect you with the "realm of night." This may reveal your truest self and protect from tension, stress, and worry. 

Many find that onyx also helps release you from personal fears and face your battles with confidence. By helping to protect against your own self-doubt and nervousness, this stone can help you achieve your fullest potential.

Green onyx, a popular variation of this stone, may aide in wise decision making and positivity wise decision making and positivity. This green onyx leather wrap bracelet is a beautiful representative of the restfulness and purity that this stone offers. 

As many say the sun energizes us during the day, it's a popular belief that onyx connects us to the restorative nature of the moon at night. Many choose to practice cleansing and healing rituals with this stone as well. Some popular rituals are to place onyx in a bowl near your desk, keep it on your body at all times, or place it on your abdomen while lying flat on your back. 


If you've ever seen a crystal stone before, chances are you're familiar with amethyst. This popular stone is often used in jewelry and decoration. This deep purple variety of quartz is also the birthstone for February. 

Known as the "natural tranquilizer," amethyst is a powerful calming agent. Not only is amethyst helpful for protecting from stress and pain, but it also can dispel anger and feelings of nervousness. 

As one of the best stones for protection from negative energy, many choose to wear amethyst as a representation of spirituality. This purple amethyst wrap bracelet can help maintain positivity in day to day life.

Amethyst is also said to open the mind and activate spirituality. If you're starting out with spiritual crystal stones for protection, amethyst may be a top choice for you.


Another popular favorite, the opal stone comes in a wide range of colors, shades, and finishes. The name "opal" comes from the ancient Sanskrit word, "Upala" meaning "precious stone." It is also thought to come from the ancient Greek word, "Opallios" meaning "to see a change in color."

This name refers to the stones stunning ability to shift in different shades and lighting. One of the reasons that opal is so popular is due to its rainbow shifting and eye-catching properties.

Known as the "eye stone," opal may help protect the eyes and head, provide immense luck, and release fear and worry. With so many different colors and variations of opal, this pink opal leather wrap bracelet shows off a gorgeous pink shift. 

Pink opal may aide in emotional healing, inspiration, and stabilization. Other variances of opal are fire opal, water opal, and black opal.

Find Your Stone Today

While these are only a few spiritual stones for protection, there are countless others that are beautiful and effective. One of the best ways to promote your spirituality is by wearing your stones as jewelry. Not only does this look stunning, but it also helps you to feel protected at all times. 

Did you enjoy learning about all the incredible powers that protective stones have? If you think you've found the perfect stone for you, be sure to shop our positivity bracelets today. Also, check out the rest of our website for more helpful spiritual information like this.