Sterling Silver Pieces Every Woman Needs

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Sterling Silver Pieces Every Woman Needs

When it comes to jewelry, sterling silver's among one of the most desired materials. The U.S. jewelry market alone's worth $18.823 billion. When considering the rest of the globe, sterling silver's a huge reason for the several hundred billion dollar industry.

Jewelry was first discovered around 25,000 years ago. Still, today, silver, copper, brass, and gold are luxury items. History's laden with jewelry as precious trading materials.

The timelessness of these materials proves their value as they evolve alongside the latest beauty and fashion trends.

Sterling silver's become so common, it's what's expected in jewelry. Here's what to know about what makes sterling silver every woman's go-to.

Why Sterling Silver?

It's easy to think all silver's sterling silver, but that's not exactly true. Sterling silver's not 100% silver since silver's too soft for jewelry on its own. For that reason, sterling silver jewelry consists of 92.5% silver, with copper or other alloys as the remaining 7.5%.

While most silver jewelry has that classic gray look, that doesn't mean it's sterling silver. Always ask your jeweler about the material if you're looking for sterling in particular.

Is Sterling Silver Good?

Many people can tell right away if something's true sterling silver or not. Consider it a jewelry lover's sixth sense. Sterling silver jewelry's loved for the following reasons.

  • Its bright and shiny look
  • Its timelessness, as proven throughout history
  • Its longevity
    • If cleaned and polished properly, true sterling silver should last decades
  • Malleability
  • It holds value 

While sterling silver looks good on anyone, you'll know if you prefer it to gold or other metals. Skin tones, fashion preferences, and personality can inform your draw towards sterling silver.

The good news is once you know you love sterling silver, it's easy to remain forever loyal to it. No more not knowing or spending hours deciding. If you know you like sterling, it helps narrow your search.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Musts

Now that you know sterling silver's for you, consider how to accessorize. Here are the top sterling pieces to own today.

1. Sterling Silver Statement Necklace

Most imagine sterling silver necklaces as simple, elegant, and decadent designs, or envision a silver chain with a sparkling stud. While those are beautiful, people don't realize that sterling silver necklaces can also pack a fashion punch.

Sterling silver jewelry can be as fashion-forward, colorful, and bulky as any other necklace. Coupled with spiritual stones like jasper, labradorite, citrine, or rose quartz, it's easy to sport your most authentic self.

2. Sterling Silver Chain

If you're looking to show off the sterling silver itself, consider a simple sterling silver chain. One of the latest jewelry trends involves layering small necklace chains that rest alongside longer chains and pendants.

3. Sterling Silver Earrings

Among the hundreds of piercings a woman can have, it's easy to find places for your sterling silver earrings. If you have more than simple single holes, consider how you can play with your look. Try some statement sterling silver hoops with simple sterling studs elsewhere!

Accessorizing's all about strategy.

4. Bracelets

Bracelets offer the same strategy as other types of sterling silver jewelry. Depending on your mood, you can rock a statement cuff or layer lots of bangles.

If you're drawn to a specific stone, know there's wisdom in that. If you're drawn to a certain color, you may be connecting with a specific chakra.

While sterling silver is silver, it's not without color companions. Sterling silver offers the stamp of approval you need to ensure quality jewelry.

5. Sterling Rings

Ten fingers don't always mean ten rings – sometimes it means more! Today's fashion trends come with endless options. Do you want one solid statement gem or several rings that complement each other?

Consider whether you're seeking everyday jewelry or something for a night out. Intuitive shopping means buying what resonates with you at that moment. The more you listen to which jewels feel good to you, the more they'll benefit you.

You can't go wrong. There's always a proper time for the pieces you choose.

Things to Consider

It helps to know that there are different types of jewelry. Once you decide between everyday jewelry and special jewelry, you'll have more direction.

Different types of jewelry can include:

  • Precious stones or gems
  • Spiritual meaning
  • Chakra correlation
  • Motivational messages
  • Sense of luxury

Two things can happen. Either the jewelry you resonant with determines how you wear it, or the occasion determines your jewelry for you. 

For example, it's okay to make a fancy sterling silver chain part of your everyday wear if that's your look. In the same way, why not wear some casual sterling stones out on the town?

Sterling silver can be dressed up or down to suit your desires.

True Intention

The root of your jewelry choices ultimately comes from your intention for it. Ask yourself:

  • What's the purpose of my sterling silver jewelry?
  • Where do I want to wear it?
  • How often do I want to wear it?
  • What colors, shapes, and style am I resonating with?
  • Do I gravitate towards statement pieces or simple elegance?
  • Do I need spiritual guidance?
  • How can my jewelry help me best express myself?

Once you have a clear intention for your jewelry, you may land on motivational messages. Pairing specific messages with certain stones, colors, and sterling silver makes for a personal purchase.

Sterling Silver Staples

It's likely you have more sterling silver in your jewelry box than you even know about. Its classic look makes it the natural, intuitive buy.

Loyal buyers of sterling silver don't look back. Even if you've never considered different jewelry metals before, knowing about them can ease your shopping experiences.

Being discerning about your jewelry makes for empowering choices. Beyond that, it lets you love what you buy as a way to express your truest self.

When it comes to spending money, no one wants to invest in something that won't last more than a month. Don't let looks deceive you – let sterling silver prove to you why it remains the preferred choice.

Shop our collection today to see what it means to go sterling!