Positive Pivot: How to Shift Your Mindset to Focus on the Good Side of Life

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Positive Pivot: How to Shift Your Mindset to Focus on the Good Side of Life

Positive Pivot: How to Shift Your Mindset to Focus on the Good Side of Life

Optimism or the ability to focus on the good side of life may sound like it is unrealistic to some people. But according to experts, you're able to control your thoughts for a positive mindset. Lewina Lee, a psychiatric professor at Boston University School of Medicine, says only 25% of your mindset is hereditary. 

This means the rest of your mind's sway entirely depends on controllable external factors. You can let the hostile forces accustomed to negative thinking take over. 

If you've been focusing too much on the negative side of life, here's how to shift your mindset to focus on the good side of life more.

Positive Thinking Tips: Mastering the Mind to Focus on the Good Side of Life

Before you learn how to be positive, you must figure out what makes you think negatively. Most of the time, your mind is under the control of foreign forces which can disturb your inner peace. Things like painful childhood experiences may trouble your mind or you may be too worried about the future to be positive. 

In short, your mind is a host of negative thinking triggers. When these triggers are set off they may awaken pain, worry or cause unending anxiety. This can lead to stress or depression.

Here's a list showing the likely causes of your negative mindset

  • Comparing your lifestyle or yourself to friends/family or the media
  • Stored perceptions about experiences like betrayal or failure or rejection
  • Worrying about self and external expectations 
  • Worrying about your control of the future
  • Frustration, anger or pain from unhealed wounds
  • Lack of self-love, esteem or high self-doubt arising from things beyond your control
  • Not being about to let go of negative events that happened in your life

How to Think Positive and Overcome the Negative Mindset Causes

Shifting to a positive mindset is all about mastering your mind and using practical positive thinking tips to help control your mind. To focus on the good side of life, integrate the following positive thinking tips into your life. 

Master Your Mind

Negative voices are might seem to be inescapable but you can control them by paying close attention. Eckhart Tolle, a spiritual teacher, suggests living in the present moment to recognize and control what enters the mind. He says, only the "now" is real─ while the past and future are the workings of an uncontrolled mind.

Mastering your mind begins with a conscious realization that you're the driver. Your mind, emotions, and body are all interconnected. You have the power to choose your responses.

It starts with self-awareness when you're able to note a negative trigger and deal with it on the spot. As awareness increases, you can grasp what's happening to your mind and act for a positive thought.

Look for Positives in Negative Circumstances

When trying to focus on the good side, negative situations will always pop up. You will meet negative people and unpleasant events are unavoidable. Not to mention, the media continually exposes you to negativity. 

What matters is to stay positive despite the negative distractions. Your mind attracts and thrives in what you embrace. If you're entertaining negative thoughts, the mind feeds on them and then searches for more. 

For a positive mindset, you must learn how to remain positive when faced with adversity. For instance, when things get stressful, focus on finding a solution versus staying stuck in the issue. Look for the positives and use them to justify your conscious steps to make things better.

Find a Positive Social Circle

Surrounding yourself with positive people is another way of how to see the better side of life. Being around others that help you stay focused on being the best you has many benefits. Be very intentional when building your circle of close friends and don't be afraid to cut out toxic folks at the sign of any red flags.

Use Positive Affirmations for Encouragement 

Affirmations are positive phrases that you can say to yourself to get rid of negativity and steer towards a positive mindset. You can make them part of your morning routine or say them throughout the day.

Chanting the affirmations in unpleasant times helps drive away negativity and maintain rationality. The repetition of the words ingrain on your mind and become part of your thought process. Try practical methods of helping you with integrating affirmations into your life such as placing sticky notes around your mirrors or leaving reminders on your phone.

Take in Positive Content

What you read and watch influences your thoughts. Constantly consuming the media news can fill your mind with worry and fear. Instead, focus on content that can build and improve your mind.

Look for news that focuses on the positive things happening in society. When your mind comes across good vibes repeatedly, it blocks the negative mindset. 

Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle

We often live imbalanced lives due to various factors like work and careers. Burnout is real and can weaken your overall health. Change habits to adopt a healthier lifestyle is key.

Embrace gratitude and appreciate the milestones you've covered in your life. Each day, list down the things you're grateful for. Minor acts of kindness can also go a long way for a positive mindset. For instance, send a thank-you card to a friend or workmate.

Above all, set aside time to improve yourself. Keep your diet clean and pay attention to signs from your body. Engage in beneficial activities like meditation, using healing crystals, exercise, journaling, or doing yoga. 

Why Focus on the Good Side of Life?

If you're struggling with a negative outlook, integrate these positive thinking tips into your life. Adopt and practice them. Eventually, you'll filter out negatives and shift your mindset to focus on the good side of life. 

The more you take control of your own thoughts, emotions, and habits, the better your quality of life will become. With an optimistic mindset, you're able to control thoughts and think constructively. That ability can contribute to inner peace, mental strength, and lengthier life.

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