I Love You Mom: The Best Mother's Day Jewelry

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I Love You Mom: The Best Mother's Day Jewelry

I Love You Mom: The Best Mother's Day Jewelry

Showing your appreciation for the strong, loving woman who raised you is a no-brainer. While this should be done daily, mother's day is a great opportunity to show that you care in a unique and special way. It's no wonder that 84% of Americans choose to celebrate the holiday in style with gifts, nice dinners, and quality time.

Mother's day jewelry is the perfect present to give Mom. It's beautiful and unique, but even more importantly, it's something that she can wear and cherish everywhere she goes.

Read on to learn the best pieces that you can buy for Mom this spring!

Motivational Jewelry

One of the best things that you can give your mom is motivational charm jewelry. These pieces come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have phrases written on them that are meant to awe and inspire. For example, this dog tag necklace has an inspirational Gandhi quote on it that will ensure that your mom knows what a positive change she has made on your life... and the world.

Do a little browsing and find a piece that incorporates a quote that best suits your mother's personality and individual strength. Chances are, you'll find something sooner rather than later to express your love for such an amazing woman.

You Are Expression Charms

Speaking of motivational jewelry, 'you are' charms are one of the best styles out there. These round charms can be put onto both necklaces and bangle bracelets made from multiple different metals. You can choose the appropriate one to go best with any woman's wardrobe, and your mother is no exception.

The appeal of these necklaces is that they express the many amazing qualities that your mother has. In addition to telling your mother that she's kind, worthy, capable, and has many other virtues, you can also add your own text to the back of these charms. Her name is a great choice, but you can also write something else. Consider a private joke between you two or just something you love most about her.

Religious Styles

While many people are spiritual without being religious, many believe in organized religion and want to honor what they worship. If your mom is a devout Christian or Jewish person who derives comfort from her religion, what better way to make her feel protected than to get her a religious pendant?

We sell both crosses and Stars of David on our website in various sizes and colors. Many of them are also embued with spiritual energies derived from the natural stones that are embedded within them, so you can't really get more healing than that!

Matching Spirituality

There's nothing so much like matching up with someone to show that you're in sync with them. That's why this mother and daughter jasper bracelet set is perfect for a mother's day present. You'll be able to show how much you love and support her by wearing something together.

These bracelets are made from natural jasper, which is a stone that's meant to stabilize the spirit and ground the mind. These stones are 100% naturally cultivated and the bracelets are handmade. This means that they're all one of a kind!

Healing Stones

Jasper is a stone that has a lot of healing properties, but there are other stones that inspire wellness, too. Amythyst is healing and purifies the spirit while sleek black obsidian shields against emotional negativity. Tiger's eye is also a popular healing stone because it's said to provide a boost of power and energy to the wearer.

You can purchase jewelry that boats all types of healing stones from our webpage. Do your research and fond something that would give your mom the specific energies and healing properties that she most needs in her life. This is a great way to show her that you know her well and care about promoting her well-being.

Photo Necklaces

One of the most interesting and unique ways to show your mother how much you care about her is to get a personalized piece of jewelry. However, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and nothing is as priceless as a charm necklace or bangle bracelet that makes use of a photo in its design.

On our website, you can upload any photo you want and have it inserted into a charm. These charms come in both round and heart shapes and are entirely customizable. Parents love photos of their children, so consider using a picture of yourself and your siblings during childhood. Better yet, a picture of yourself and your mother together will allow her to remember the many amazing memories that she has with you.

If your mom has a favorite place where she goes to relax, you could incorporate that into your charm instead. Some people don't like wearing images of other people, so this is a good alternative if your mom is one of those people. A photo of a comforting space is sure to make her feel calm during times when she can't get there and will serve as a portal to mental tranquility.

Shop Mother's Day Jewelry

There are so many options for mother's day gifts that it can get overwhelming, but you absolutely can't go wrong with gorgeous jewelry pieces that she'll love to wear.

Now that you know the best mother's day jewelry that you can get for your mom this year, it's time to start shopping. Click here to view some pieces that you can customize by inserting photos into. You have a wide variety of options, from bracelets and necklaces to silver and gold pieces.

Stay joyful!