How to Choose the Right Healing Gemstones for You

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How to Choose the Right Healing Gemstones for You

How to Choose the Right Healing Gemstones for You

How to Choose the Right Healing Gemstones for You

Finding the right healing gemstones can help you harness their natural power to achieve your desired outcome. Here's how to choose the best ones for your needs.

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The global gemstone market is worth $23 billion worldwide. Sure, a lot of that value springs from rubies, sapphires, and diamonds, but semiprecious stones contribute a lot too. 

If you're interested in the healing qualities of gemstones, understand that their material value has no bearing on their healing. It all comes down to the properties of the stones themselves. We recognize their healing qualities when others do not: that is what makes them valuable.

Healing gemstones can help you with a range of issues. But which ones should you choose? 

Our experts have your back. We've assembled a list of some of the most popular healing crystals and their effects. If you want more confidence, vitality, or just want a bit of tranquility in your life, we can help.

Ready to find out the true power of crystals? Then read on.


Amethyst is a beautiful crystal that is known for helping unlock psychic prowess and reduce mental strife. These healing gemstones are connected to the third eye chakra and help bring calm to your mind. When you wear an amethyst bracelet, you invite calm, positive energy into your life.

Amethyst can also improve meditation, thanks to its ability to aid your intuition. We particularly recommend amethyst if you are a Capricorn, Pisces, Aquarius, or Virgo.

Lapis Lazuli

When you gaze at the clear, deep blue of a lapis lazuli, you can't help but feel inspired. These healing crystals are famous for aiding creativity. They guard against psychic attacks and bring clear, creative, calming energies.

Tied to the throat chakra, they help with honesty, expression, and awareness. The lapis lazuli is especially recommended for those born under the signs of Taurus, Virgo, Libra, and Saggitarius.


Hematite springs from the magma of the Earth's core and lives on as a beautiful, refined stone. It represents persistence, strength, and focus. 

Wearing hematite jewelry gives your inner strength a boost. It grounds negative emotions such as anger and self-doubt in its clean black shades. It improves focus, clarity, and determination.

If you're going through a bit of a rough patch, the power of hematite crystals may just help you out. It is aligned with the base chakra and the star signs of Aries and Aquarius.

Tiger Eye

When you need to feel the strength of a tiger, wear tiger eye jewelry. These stones are famous for inspiring confidence in hours of need, and its healing crystals are well known for providing mental clarity.

It also promotes wealth, reduces stress, and gives you greater awareness of the workings of the world. This makes it a particularly valuable gemstone for tumultuous periods of your life. If you are thinking of starting a business or a new creative venture, there's no stone that we can recommend more highly.

In terms of chakras and the zodiac, this stone is tied to the sacral and solar plexus chakras and Capricorn, respectively.


For those who need to put a jolt back into their relationship, we recommend these deep red healing gemstones. Coming from the Latin word for flesh, these healing crystals bring vitality in the sphere of love. 

They can also help give timid people a huge boost of confidence. They are renowned for turning the shy into eloquent, verbose speakers. This mineral is connected to fire, and may just turn you into a fiery little pepper of a human being.

It is connected to the base and sacral chakras and the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, and Leo. For those who need a boost of self-esteem or are looking for love, consider this gorgeous crystal.


If you want a connection to divinity, consider celestine. This stone's soft colors are superb for helping with mental balance when striving for a spiritual connection. They can also help you remember your dreams with greater clarity.

Like amethyst, it also helps your intuition. It is connected to the crown chakra. When you need a clear mind, reach for celestine.


Jasper crystals are well known for supporting those who wear them through difficult times. Jasper bracelets empower you, helping you be yourself no matter the circumstances.

You know those times where you're physically present, but your mind and spirit are elsewhere? That's what Jasper combats. It is a nurturing stone that helps you be your very best.

If you are healing through a recent trauma, Jasper can help the process. It is connected to the signs of Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio. Its chakra connections change depending on the stone's color.

Rose Quartz

When you need to bring love back into your life, healing gemstones of rose quartz can help you. Not only do rose quartz bracelets look beautiful, but they can help your romantic life. If you are healing from a recent breakup or divorce, they can help you feel attractive and valued once again.

They not only help you find new love, but can help heal old pain as well. This is a stone loaded with trust, care, and respect. This isn't just for other people either: if you're feeling lost within yourself, this stone can help you love yourself once again too.


If you're feeling stuck in a rut, the healing crystals of aventurine can help give your life a kick. It's no coincidence that its name sounds like "adventure"—that is precisely what this stone can bring you!

The stone changes the way that you see the world. Where once you may have only seen hardship, now you see opportunity.

Those times when you may have turned down a trip or experience? Now you will say yes to life!

Start Your Collection of Healing Gemstones

We hope that we've helped you find the healing gemstones that you need in your life right now. We've barely even scratched the surface of the power of crystals, too.

If you need something that's tailored to your unique situation or have any other questions, contact us. We will be delighted to help you in any way we can!