6 Spiritual Healing Gems That Will Change Your Life

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6 Spiritual Healing Gems That Will Change Your Life

6 Spiritual Healing Gems That Will Change Your Life

Those of you looking for peace and positive energy have come to the right place. Not many people are aware of all the mental reinforcements that come from the earth itself.

In fact, experts show that certain crystals have healing powers that can be harnessed into positive and productive energy.

Many people don't believe in it at first until they witness it for themselves. The fact is that there are several different crystals that you can use for this purpose.

Here are several different crystals and healing gems that you should consider adding to your daily regimen. having them around can be a tremendous asset to your day.

1. Amethyst

Few crystals offer as much beauty and as majestic of an aura as the fan-favorite amethyst crystal (and that's saying something!).

This beautiful crystal exudes a beautiful purple gleam that people find both mesmerizing and healing. The amethyst crystal has long been used as a way for helping cure both hangovers and inebriation. 

Whatever your religion might be, amethyst is said to serve as a gateway towards your spirituality and staying in tune with its daily practices.

Not only that, but it's been proven to be especially helpful to those of you whose zodiac signs are a Capricorn, Virgo, Pisces, or Aquarius.

Purchase a beautiful natural amethyst wrap bracelet that you can wear each day to ignite pure energy to your daily routine.

2. Citrine

Perhaps you're finding yourself uncertain of your strengths or lacking the willpower to take the next step within your career field.

If so, the citrine crystal has an amazing power of promoting the inner leader within yourself. 

People often line it in with imagination and open-mindedness, helping you depend on your resourcefulness for better solutions and troubleshooting. 

More importantly, you'll witness a boost in your self-confidence, which will sharpen your decision making and provide a new aspect of life. No longer will you flinch at the adversity that life throws at you.

When you're equipped with citrine crystals, you'll embrace the struggle and face those obstacles head-on!

3. Rose Quartz

Everyone has been burned by love at one time or another. Letting that fester too long will leave you shy at the thought of ever opening up your heart to someone again.

Even when you do, you might find yourself hesitant to fully do so or you'll have a lack of trust with those that you entrust your heart to.

The rose quartz crystal is all about love, baby! It promotes love both for yourself and for others. It protects the relationships that you cherish the most, whether it's with your love interest, family, or friends.

As a result, you'll witness a spike in your positivity and have a better outlook on relationships as a whole.

You will find yourself more excited to meet new people, give a helping hand to others, having an open ear, and providing compassion to your loved ones.

In fact, people may not recognize you after the shift of mindset that rose quartz will provide you with. It can be a tremendous way to get your life back on track.

4. Lapis Lazuli

Do you find it difficult to speak in front of a group of people? Are you shy or embarrassed by a speech impediment that you have? Are you afraid your words will hurt other people's feelings?

The lapis lazuli crystal has long been heralded as the speech crystal. Its healing powers provide an uptick to all the essential tools that come along with your speech such as confidence, verbality, and poise.

It's also an incredible crystal to use for confrontational situations. If you need to speak some truth into someone's life, you can do so with more peace of mind.

The lapis lazuli crystals will help you find the right words to say in every situation. You will find it easier to do things such as memorize material for your speech, reiterating information, and even land jokes for the big presentation!

5. Iron Pyrite

Even with all of the aforementioned crystals that will promote positivity in your life, you still need reinforcements and protection from the negativity.

Iron pyrite has got your back! It serves as a protective layer for all of the negative energy you've been storing throughout your day. 

Many people use it to have around for moments of meditation, bible readings, daily devotions, or yoga sessions. It helps you ease your mind and put things into a better focus.

You'll look forward to the opportunities to clear your mind and remember different things throughout the day.

More importantly, it helps you put a positive spin on any situation. You'll be able to put things into perspective with ease.

6. Desert Rose

This is one of the most tantalizing crystals that you'll ever come across. It's as useful as it is beautiful, and is commonly used for those that prioritize meditation.

The desert rose crystal helps you strengthen your mental vision and boosts your self-esteem. 

A combination of the two will prove useful regardless of whether you're trying to catch a break or be more productive throughout your day.

Use These Healing Gems and Crystals to Your Advantage

Now that you know of the powers of some amazing healing gems and crystals, there's no reason to not use them to your advantage.

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